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There’s no telling what course the future may take. Sometimes, things go according to plan, but sometimes they don’t. You might be caught in a tough spot when you’ve unexpectedly locked yourself out of your property. Being unprepared and helpless, you might be pushed to take up drastic measures such as breaking open the lock or smashing your windows; we advise against it. As your emergency locksmith, we understand how stressful such situations could be. We’ve dealt with hundreds of contingencies that border anywhere between frustrating to downright dangerous. We still recall an incident where one of our clients locked herself out of her vehicle with her child locked in. The client made the smart move and decided to call us instead of taking matters in her own hand. And that’s what we ask of you; when in an emergency, trust no one but Hillsdale Locksmith Store!

Being in this arena for years has armed us with the necessary skill, expertise and knowledge on tackling such lock & key emergencies with tact. Our specialized emergency response unit will rush to your aid upon receipt of your distress call. Known for our quick turnaround time, dependability and round-the-clock availability, we’ve become the go-to emergency locksmith for the Hillsdale, NJ community.

Trained emergency locksmiths:

What might take hours on end during a regular appointment might need to be done within minutes under an emergency. Your regular locksmith might not be able to help you with that. What you need are individuals who are trained to work under pressure, complete tasks at an accelerated pace and have prior experience in dealing with lock & key emergencies. And that’s what we provide. Once our emergency locksmiths arrive on the scene, it will take them minutes to analyze the problem and come up with a viable solution. This allows us to provide the shortest turnaround time for emergencies.

24-hour mobile locksmith

Imagine being locked out of your vehicle in the middle of the night. You might be caught in a location where a towing service refuses to come or at a time where your dealership or the local locksmith has shut shop for the day. Don’t worry, if you ever find yourself in such a circumstance, our 24-hour mobile solutions can be of help. Asking you to find your way to our workshop when you’re facing an unexpected crisis, will only add on to your woes; we understand that and extend solutions to right where you are. Also, we work round-the-clock, which means that our vans can reach you, any time you need our service.

Our range of services:

Hillsdale Locksmith Store Hillsdale, NJ 201-414-5500

  • Emergency unlock service
  • Home/car/office lockout
  • Safe unlocking
  • Trunk unlock service
  • All types of locks unlocked
  • Emergency eviction service
  • Overnight lock change
  • Lock rekeying after a fall out
  • Lost/stolen key replacements
  • Locksmith assistance post break-in
  • Fixing ignition issues
  • File cabinet unlocking
  • Door unlocking
  • Quick security assessment
  • Programming transponder keys

And more

Locked out? Need keys right away? Contact our emergency locksmiths and receive expert help, delivered onsite in quick time.

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